Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Photography, in its understanding

After reading an article on photography, I realized that mega pixels of camera is not the deciding factor in opting for one of them. The resolution of the camera is only a factor that we all account for, but it has certain limitations of its own. That means that for us to view any photo on our computer screen or print it from a printer all depends on more factors like sensor, focus, steadiness of hand, stability of photo, ISO, its modes(feature available in cameras). The resolution in capturing image is important factor as it to be presented, for instant if any particular image is absorbed by the camera is of good resolution the output we see should also match for the same, what is the point in absorbing any image more than what it could be presented.

So, 5 megapixels are enough for usage. It does not mean that more than it is unaccountable but optimization of it is not possible. High megapixel mean as the systems will also take much of time to process or otherwise we need heavy ram to realize it which apparently increase the cost.

Therefore getting good specification is not considered to be wise unless otherwise utilized.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Now power substation comes in a box

Here at Bangalore, I found package substation beside road which primarily is used to reduce the size of a substation in a cubical of rated capacity of 750 kVA, which steps down 11kV to 433V. The important point that is eye caching here is that this cubical contains four circuit breaker, five mccb, instrumentation system a copper wound transformer and two grounding points. This transformer is specially manufacted to this design so as to reduce the size upto one third, manufactured by Kotsons company. The transformer is hermatically sealed without conservator, breather. The oil tank is vaccumized to reduced the space for conservator.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Hotline Maintainance

Hotline maintainance mean working on live line and maintaining the same when power is on mode. This is done by two methods that are bare hand method and hot stick method. Both method are equally important for a maintainance engineer. In bare hand method the person had wear a conductive suit that is made of microscopic stainless steel and normex material and then anyone can work on higher voltage. And hot stick method is by use of a special stick that have high insulation capacity...

Why this heart is never satisfied...

I don't know why my heart never feels satisfied, what does it mean...??? It is the dynamics of my mind, my heart, my sole or else anything else....that too I don't know...