Saturday, August 18, 2012

wake up vib

Wake up vib, I was calling to myself...after being on a long holiday in my day routine where my routine itself is sleeping. Just like a long holiday, it does not want to wake in the sunshine of the day where it can be made useful. Everyday just passes be eating and sleeping just without the colour of life...pretty bad...that's why I want to say Wake up vib and colour your life.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Why a lot of effort required to do sth you are aspiring for?

Why always it is a battle in oneself to do and not to do when we venture for sth that we are aspiring for? This battle of inside takes long hours to decide to go for it or not. I nearly every-time experience this when I try to go on a new mission which usually creates a kind of mind jam and thinking comes to a standstill and this havoc cause such a damage to the activity you are going to perform that it completely shatters your imagination and aspiration. When this battle will get over I don't know. But one thing I can understand by this recurring incident that many battles are lost because of it.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

crazy about sth that i don't know...

For natural number n and m, e^m>3, e^n>e^m then, loge(n)^n + loge(m)^m can be:
1.) 1.48 2.) 2.72 3.) 3.55 4.) 4.68 5.) 5.46
solution given
e^m>3 that means m> or = 2 as m is a natural number
e^n>e^m that means n>m i.e. n> or = 3 and n>m
the loge(n)^n+loge(m)^m> or + loge(3)^3 + loge(2)^2
=loge(n)^n+loge(m)^m > or = loge(27*4) = loge(108)
I can understand up till here but after that the solution says
loge(108) > log3(108) > log3(81) = 4
loge(108) > 4
hence marking 4.) 4.68 why???
can't it be 5.48 5th option and how can we define the upper limit
is'nt the answer incomplete in itself???

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Ways to chillax yourself

After working days and night for a particular project you still feel it is not yourside 100% that you are giving to your project...just this is the right time for you to take a is much needed...after feeling the pressure just take chillax which is the word came from some other's invention who has put this word like - relax + chill so it is now chillax...please swipe the word to see the take a break from job...from study...from project and what not...engage yourself with movie, a cold glass of water...a sleepish holiday...chilling joyfull party...and enjoy...enjoy yourself without tension of tomorrow because only when your mind be cool then your work will be are you ready to chillax...!!!