Friday, December 13, 2013

Can we think like this???

In the era of mushrooming scandal day by day, where a morning news will give you a detailed description of modern government's institute have give birth to new monetary scandal that basically ruptures the confidence of nation as a rountine. What I think when there is a new discovery of scandal that surfaced like a unwanted happening which regularly square one the blame on the personality that is at the commanding position. What happens next is that the person who is blamed become a center of attraction to the print and electronic media and further is charged and if in 10-15 years found guilty is conviced. BUT what will happen to the fact if we start to blame the chair or the position held by that particular personality is seen a fragile seat that can give rise to new domains of scandal that weakens our global image and create a trust deficit among people of the nation.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

An unprecedented ego ride

I know that people do have ego, but never came to know that it is a very powerful driver of human behavior. I just was leaving my workplace with my colleagues at Tirora, a 30 km far of place from Gondia district. We all were waiting for a ride to take off. There came our ride which in here's local language fondly said a KAALI-PILLI. We were 13, and the ride had sufficient space to accommodate us all. As we filled in the space and were rack and tag tight spaced together 4 in front seat including driver himself, 4 in the middle and 5+1 at the back side including some of my seniors, that last person was driver's helper cum conductor. The driver announced that we can still sufficiently accommodate one in the middle and one in the front. After a word battle, that we cannot accommodate any further. We are able to convince the fellow to leave for our destination. It was a drive of a minute that, the driver again reiterated that we can still manage to have two more people. To which we decline. We have thought that we had won the battle but it was our mistake. He was frothing with anger to a response when his part two said to go to Gondia unstopped, he said that whether you will pay the rest amount? Meanwhile we moved further... But due to his ego problem, his ball were itching and he suddenly stopped at a place and seat a fellow in his seat and adjusted in his side ways. With 5 more minutes passed we saw a lady standing by the side of the road for a ride. He tried to pursue her to ride with us which she declined. Then he stopped by a beautiful young college girl to come and sit with four men in the middle seat. He was very desperate to prove us wrong. EGO is such a factoring in his mind that he could think any further. A live example, may be too simple to elaborate but still I cannot resist writing it.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Work satisfaction a simple emotion

Work satisfaction is a very powerful emotion, that deeply pacifies you with your achievements, your love to what you want to do and gives you pleasure as well as dignity of self repect. It totally changes your thinking and genuinely rationalize to approach to a problem and the feeling that you find or happiness after solving a problem. It is a wonderful experience and come from self satisfaction.