Monday, January 18, 2010

Health is Wealth

As northern India has been strike by cold winds we should understand how to be fit and fine to work in full swing at your best...wear cloths, take some prevention and enjoy weather in all cold wind are blowing from hill to plains chilli re they?

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Pursue only your will

I mean to here that don't get flown in the stream of river that all other are going throught because that will be just like garbage of the seware that has been put into the river of people to clear there own place, so just be yourself is better than to flown like of rubbish.

I will give an example of my person life that I experienced, it was my interview of Indian Navy that I attend fearing that I was not selected and this was what happen to me but realising the fact that at the time of interview I was not me but a bloody begger of me that had gone to get a job.

So it the point to be looked at not under extreme of pressure of your parents, neighbours and relative that look upon you as a machizes system that will provide output as per their will.

Track your GATE form status

You can very easily track your GATE form on the website
and get your status.

Friday, January 15, 2010

GATE preparation books for ee

Here are some of the books that are recommended for GATE preparation for Electrical Engineering student one of like me. They are as:-
1. Electrical Machines - P. S. Bhimbra
2. Power System - Nagrath & Kothari
3. Control Systems - Nagrath & Kothari
4. Power Electronics - M. H. Rashid
5. Basic Electronics - Millman & Halkis
6. Discrete Signal Processing - Oppenheim
7. Electrical Measurements & Measuring Instruments - A. K. Sawney
8. Microprocessors - P. Raja
I hope these will help the aspirates of GATE 2010. Best of Luck...