Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Extremism in Hindu Culture

Hindu culture which is one of the oldest believes of the human understanding faces extremism in all respect which be routed from the ancient times till date. It can take lives of people, can prepare them to extreme believes of their fantasies that make there conscious allow to disrespect others feelings and emotions which in any mean cannot be justified. This kind of attitude to the believers and followers of the religion are misguiding the society and nations to lead in uneasy going of daily business and affairs of general people and public who are a part of same society. As can be explain or can be understood in language of human psychology that these believes lead to self satisfaction of people who are practicing it.

Extremism only lead us into self proliferation our believe to other without understanding the others behavior to carry the same. It has lead nations to clash and society to scatter and form new counter believes that justify their response on the same issue. Incidentally bathing in minus temperature in winter, starving without food and scarifying lives on the issue is just not genuine to believe and justify.

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