Friday, August 29, 2014

Being devotee, a true spirit of life

I now have realized the true spirit of being devoted to religious festive nature of our, because of it's very nature any religious process never bring us near to God but to all the people around you. It brings us joy and warmth of being together and to prosper in our daily life actives and rountine. I am truely non believe of religion but still go to temples, mosques and chruches, where I have seen people interacting with each other and coming back to life as a breather after living a busy and stressful life. It tells me that in a township where I live the land sometimes back belongs to a person who has come to celebrate with us in a festival. It also tells me that people working for me have a wonderful live themselves and they can be better dancer than me. I get know that my bosses are not only workaholics but they have a family and they still have a afterlife completing office work and above all it allows me to relax and enjoy clicking pictures of my friends and myself, and gives me immense power and motivation that I can still achieve my dreams that are now believed to be impossible.

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