Sunday, October 12, 2014

Research and India

In India, we have under-utilized our research and development capabilities that is hurting Indian population and most of them are unaware of the fact. In any subject or field it comes with a heavy cost to us as, taking loan of foreign technologies make us dependable to foreign companies and their government and also this effect the availability of the product into our market. What I mean here, I will explain with examples to make it clear. For example a latest model of iphone of Apple brand comes in Indian market with initial cost of INR 50k actual cost around INR 11k if produce and marketed by an Indian company. Let us take another example on a serious note of car accidents that a caused by non-availability of air-bags in car available to mass in our country which cost around $50 to a car manufacturer which in-turn provides this facility in models that are above INR 5-6L range which make it unaffordable to general public of middle class, had this been developed in our country that cost and technology availability would be much better than of today. This particularly would have saved many lives in our country. Now let us come to the point that why it has happened so?...Non availability of research jobs, P.HD students or institutes available in India.

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