Saturday, March 19, 2011

Am I ambitious?

Yes, I am ambitious and this is because of my nature, that always demand some thrill and excitement and so I am least concern about what all is going around myself. I am left in my own kingdom whose king I want to become, it actually doesn’t bother, but now I began to realize that the people around me does think like me. So, am I different? For a worth or it is a cause of being unworthy. In my exploration of understand this world it seems to me that, this particular question is further classed into two strata that is outer strata and inner on. From outside every individual wants to be a part of it, but internally none are concern about each other. They are very conscious about them and themselves only.
Thus can anybody tell me why should I not take care of my ambitions and strategies that help me to fulfill. Who the hell is to suggest or oppose me? I think that I and only I have an answer to it. Many a times it is me and rest of the times it is other that do it for me.
And after writing the above to paragraph I realized that I daily have writing constipation that is only release after I had completed writing something.

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