Monday, March 7, 2011

My state these days

About myself, as the days are passing in my life I am looking forward for new avenues to park my mind and make it work as it was at a standstill since few days. As achievement should bring more challenges to engage me or anyone in that case who has achieve a nearest goal.

Since I had particularly tried for more exposure I feel like none of them are attracting me to find where I should ultimately land myself. Is this any kind of trap or a new beginning of my refreshed mind. I am confused, here at this point of time my nights are sleepless and my days are empty. I am finding it difficult to make or break any particular thing.

As it may be said that I am lost or shall loose my patience soon for the discovery of new things, might it be technological or something that my mind or else anyone not thought of it.

But something is there that is cooking in myself and I am sitting at the crest of this boiling lava inside me.

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