Saturday, March 19, 2011

Hostel that I have seen...

Hostel, a wonderful experience of my life that came to me in the name of npti is such an experience that anyone and everyone in life should have. I was deprive of this experience because of my reasons which I did not want to express here at least, but I could really guarantee it that who had not should try to venture for it. Here rule are made to be broken, nothing is certain, anyone can be disturbed and anyone can disturb everyone at any point of time, whether it is day or night or might be mid night or early morning. Timing is one word that is searching for its definition and working is another word that means here is that work without any work. Here I mean that counter strike, girls and chatting are the main objective of working in a hostel. Unnoticed raids can occur at any point of time to your food store whether it may be modest of all food stuff like Parle-G biscuits, fruit or even can filled with water is considered a valuable store. Boy’s growling at their topmost volume and tone for a crazy match of cricket, volley ball or football. Or rather learning experience with skating and trying to stand on a pair of rolling wheel. Waiting for food in the mess or howling on each and every ball of cricket match of world cup. Making heavy and hefty comments on player like we all are sitting in parliament of cricket and pumping sms’s against those responsible for losing the match. Parties like snatching cakes and pouring cold drinks to the easiest target amongst all.

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